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PRA Professional Real Estate Assistant Training™ programs provide high quality courses developed by expert real estate professionals who understand the needs of a real estate business. We deliver ongoing education and support through quality training, professional development, a real estate career center, networking opportunities and community.

Professionl Real Estate Assistant as a Career

Real estate offers a variety of dynamic and flexible career opportunities, and a Professional Real Estate Assistant can play an integral role in the profession. Today more than ever before, brokers, developers, property managers and REALTORS® expect and demand skilled and competent assistants to help them succeed.

Our Courses

We provide learners with up-to-date information, practical skills and indispensable data so they can quickly get up to speed, learn the essentials and unleash their full professional potential. Our Training was developed to ensure graduates are knowledgeable and prepared for the often complex and evolving role of the Professional Real Estate Assistant.

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Complimentary Resources

Access tips, tools and valuable information to stimulate your growth and support you in achieving your business goals.

Systems Packages

Do you find your office at a loss when it comes to systemizing details that must be attended to, to keep your operation focused and succeeding? We have created Systems Packages as a guideline for you and your assistant to manage your processes and details.

Hire a PRA Grad

Hire one of our PRA graduates to work for you as a virtual or in-office assistant. You can rest easy that they have the required skills and knowledge in your local real estate industry.

Virtual Services

PRA Training provides real estate professionals with Virtual Services that support you in completing essential, yet mundane tasks, that need to be done while you focus on more income generation and client building relationships. Whatever your needs, we provide professional services that benefit you and your clients, and make life easier and more productive.

Profiles of Real Estate Assistants

PRA Community proudly acknowledges our valuable real estate personnel for their excellence in the profession. Do you know a great candidate that you would like to recommend? See our Featured PRA.

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June 24, 2011

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April 7, 2011

Real Estate, Real Careers, Real Rewards

April 2, 2011 - Considering a career in real estate? Now is the time to make your move...

BIV Profiles Our President

August 3, 2010 - Nina Campbell, Company Founder & President, REALTOR®...

Connected to your devices.

How often do you check FB, email, and voicemail per day? Is your business open 24/7 or do your operate your business with boundaries? Boundaries are the foundation of all businesses, particularly for entrepreneurs. Start each day with your end results in mind, putting yourself first.

Your team can make or break your business….

Starting or growing a business has its rewards as well as it challenges. If we choose or must do everything ourselves, then we are the whole team….and not typically operating as effectively as we could. If we decide that there are tasks and activities that can best be delegated to others, then we should choose our team wisely.

What Are You Saying?

Have a look at your website and marketing material. Are you promoting all the incredible ways your visitors can benefit from Your products or services? Or how great Your company is and why You are their best choice? OR does it focus on your Customer? Do you focus on Their needs, wants and desires? Do you focus on THEM or on YOU? By focusing on the visitor more and you less, you have a higher chance for conversion. So check your language.

Does Your Assistant “Own” Their Job?

Fact: Your assistant has a job. Fact: You own your real estate business. Many people have jobs, but very few actually own their jobs. To own your job you need to be passionate about what it is you do, accountable for the commitments that you make, able to be confident in every task that you undertake, and know and understand your limitations. Does your assistant own their job?

What People Are Saying

"I recently completed the PRA™ Foundations course. I have been an unlicensed assistant for almost three years and truly wish I had been given the opportunity to take this course sooner. It gives the unlicensed assistant a foundation of knowledge and understanding that is crucial to performing the job at an optimal level. It explains not only what needs to be done, but more importantly, why it needs to be done. Nina and her team have created a system for each step in the buying/selling process & this is explained and shown so that even a brand new assistant can understand the process. It is a very intensive program that requires a lot of hard work and thought, but with very tangible results.

I have been back in the office for six days now and have already made some significant changes to our current systems. I am really excited to have all this new knowledge that will allow me to contribute so much more to the REALTOR® I work for and to our brokerage in general. I would have no hesitation in recommending new or experienced assistants take the PRA™ Foundations course."


-Vicki Prince, Unlicensed PRA™ professional real estate assistant

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